YSUP Rowan

YSUP Rowan is a community anti-drug coalition formed in late 2015 to address adolescent substance use and abuse in Rowan County. Thanks to the hard work of the 15 initial coalition members, YSUP Rowan was awarded a five-year Drug-Free Communities (DFC) federal grant in October 2017.

Mission: To engage the community in creating conditions that will lead to the prevention and reduction of substance use by young people in order that they may build healthy, safe and successful lives.

Main Goal: To reduce illegal use of alcohol and prescription meds by juveniles

Substance Use Task Force

Rowan County Government is taking the lead to address substance use in the community. So far, the Health Department has facilitated two forums and created an Substance Use Task Force. The Task Force is comprised of multi-sector organizations working to address the issues that surround substance use, including: access, safe disposal, planning the 3rd substance use forum, providing a substance abuse and addiction resource guide, implementing OD Mapping to track overdoes, and creating education and support groups.

Moreover, the Rowan County Health Department has been integral in installing 9 Medication Drop Boxes throughout the county and distributing Narcan (opioid reversal drug) to EMS and those in need.