Revitalized in 2014, Healthy Rowan is a collaborative coalition of organizations working together to improve health outcomes in Rowan County.

The Healthy Rowan Coalition was awarded a three-year grant through The Duke Endowment and the Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas initiative. This funding will support coalition capacity building and funding to address chronic disease and obesity in our community.

Why do we need Healthy Rowan?

Rowan County is ranked 60th out of 100 counties in North Carolina for health outcomes. It takes every sector to shift towards a culture of health—which ultimately impacts our economy and the growth of our community!

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We seek to utilize the collaborative strength of many community partners to identify and address health and quality of life issues in Rowan County.

Our coalition includes representatives and leaders from healthcare, government, business and industry, human services, community service agencies, medical service providers, educational institutions, the general population, and the faith community.

Healthy Rowan will work with all organizations to implement evidence-based interventions to address chronic disease and obesity in our community. We are working across all sectors—early childcare, schools, businesses, senior living—to begin a transformation in our community for increased physical activity and better access to healthier foods.